Wrapp and Dropgifts leading the way with social gift vouchers




Dropgifts is a new social gift voucher service which launched in the UK last week. Wrapp have an almost identical format, and it seems this was their idea originally.  It allows users to send gift vouchers for retailers, to their Facebook friends. You and other friends can also “chip in” and contribute to another friends gift voucher.

This format seems to me an innovative, forward thinking idea. The user gets the utmost convenience and fun way of giving a gift to a friend, the retailer gets cash through sales and fantastic exposure on Facebook through the users friend reach when posting Dropgift/Wrapp notifications. The gift voucher is then redeemed. The recipient must find out from the chosen retailer whether the gift voucher is an online numeric code to be entered on the retailers site, or an offline voucher; a printable barcode that can be presented in store.

We could start to see a lot more of this type of service in my opinion. It reminds me a little of the voucher code websites which took off a few years ago and has now become slightly saturated. Much like the voucher codes, once there becomes too many, the value of each individual site decreases. To see this for yourself do a quick Google search for any online retailer voucher. I searched for “hmv voucher code”, I see at first glance plenty of voucher code sites, I click on the first site (I won’t name any names) and I have a page full of expired codes, some sites direct you to pages that don’t exist anymore and some “live” vouchers are not live once you reach the merchants site.

Having said all of this, I still believe Dropgifts/Wrapp have a great idea on their hands and I can see a lot of retailers getting quite excited about this too. It won’t be an easy idea to copy, as is the voucher code sites which can be set up at a very minimal cost with very little, in some cases no programming knowledge at all.

I personally prefer Wrapp, the site is slicker and overall, has a far more professional look to it

If you are a retailer have a quick look at the contact us page on the Dropgifts website to get information how to become one of their merchants.

The same for Wrapp is here

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